How to Divert Calls for the Main Company Number in Horizon

1) Log In to the Horizon platform at

* You must be logged in as the Administrator NOT a User

You will see a screen similar to this.


2) Hover over Call Groups and Select Hunt Groups to find your main inbound number.

* Please note in some scenarios your main number may be under Auto Attendant, in which case please call us for further advice.



3) You then should see the list of numbers associated with your Hunt Groups. Select the number you want to divert and click Edit


4) You will then see a different screen with a number of headings.


5) Click on 'Advanced Settings' on the far right.

You may see an active Schedule depending on whether you have time of day routing turned on here or not.

* Please note that when you activate a Call Forwarding option at this level then any active Schedule will deactivate until you log back in and activate it again. i.e. you can only have one of these options active at any one time.


6) Select Edit to the right of Call Forwarding and enter then number you want to divert calls to in the box below, and don't forget to click Save

* You can divert call to an external number OR another internal number. Internal choices are another user's phone, another call group, an auto attendant or to voicemail.

To divert to another Hunt Group or Auto Attendant you will need to ascertain what their numbers are first. You can do this by referring to point 2 above.

To divert to the Hunt Group Voicemail you simply have to enter 500 in the 'Forward To' box.

If you need to change the voicemail message then please refer to this help article


7) Click on Activate to initiate the Call Divert


You now have the option of Activating or Deactivating Call Forward at the click of the button from any browser, at any time.

*Once you have finished with Call Divert you will need to Deactivate it in order for calls to return to normal. Please also remember to Reactivate Scheduling IF it was previously in use. Select Edit and look at the settings if you are not sure.


Please email us at if you require assistance and this will open a support ticket

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