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We often receive calls from Horizon users complaining that they have locked their voicemail and/or cannot access the central company mailbox or another user's mailbox. This is most often caused by the user trying to access the wrong mailbox using the wrong passcode.

Don't worry, it's an easy mistake to make.

Here's what happens...

When you press the 'Envelope' button on any phone, you will get connected to the voicemail system and hear the following announcement, "Please enter your passcode then press the hash key" ...followed by a short pause and then..."If you are not calling from your phone please press the star key". 

This is where the confusion arises....

If you press the envelope key and immediately enter a passcode, the system will try to log you into the voicemail account of the phone you are dialling from, and this may not be the mailbox you want to access.  For example, if your own phone is extension 221 but you dial the voicemail system from extension 223, the system will naturally attempt to connect you to mailbox 223.

Hunt Group and Auto Attendant mailboxes are NOT linked to any user account and will almost always start with a 6 or a 7. 

Note: Jaguar Telecom normally use extension 600 as a Hunt Group & 700 as an Auto Attendant but you can check these numbers by logging into the system and looking under Call Groups OR call us and we will look for you.

What to remember...

Know which mailbox you are trying to access, before you press the envelope button. If you are trying to access a different mailbox from the phone you are using, you will need to follow these steps below:-

Firstly, find out out the extension number and passcode of the mailbox you want to access. If you are trying to access a Hunt Group or Auto Attendant mailbox then please reference the Note above.

Once you know the mailbox extension (and passcode) simply follow these instructions: -

  • Dial the voicemail system using the envelope key
  • Press star key *
  • Enter the extension number of the voicemail account you want to access and press hash key #
  • Enter the passcode for the mailbox you are accessing (This is NOT your own passcode)

Note: If you do not know the passcode and/or you want to reset it then please reference these links.



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