How to use Hot Desking in Horizon

Hot Desking allows you 'take over' another Horizon phone and use it as if it were your own Horizon phone. This means that once you log into a hot desk phone, your current phone will go into a frozen state and most of your settings will follow to the new phone*.

The Hot Desking feature is free but charges may apply if you have more handsets than user licences. Please check with us by calling 020 3829 6000.

Before you can use this service you need to request us to enable it for you.

Taking over another phone is very simple. On a Polycom VVX410/411, you can do this by pressing the 'soft key' button located directly under the screen, which should show 'More' above it. See below picture:-



Press the soft key 3 times and you should see the word 'GuestIn' appear above one of the other buttons. See below picture:-



Press this soft key and the screen will then show User ID and Password fields. See below picture:-



Enter your extension number in the User ID field and your VOICEMAIL PASSCODE where it says Password. (Use the round D pad to toggle up and down the fields) Then press Ok.

To log out you can simply press the 'More' key again 3 times and then press GuestOut.

Logging back into your own phone, or any other phone, will also cause you to be automatically logged out of the hot desk phone.


* Certain parameters won't change i.e. the configuration of the screen on the hot desk phone will NOT change. Also, any specific ring tones that have been set on the hot desk phone will NOT change.

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