Ethernet Provisioning

Provisioning of Ethernet circuits can seem quite complex and lengthy, and will vary depending on the location of the end user, complexity of delivery and the type of circuit required.  However, there are some standard processes and timescales that apply to all orders, and customers may wish to make themselves aware of these.

Note that the following headings indicate the number of working days after the order has been 'accepted by Jaguar Telecom'.

* Please note, the cancellation fees described below are guides and not set in stone. These can vary depending on precise timings of surveys and specific stages of plant installation.

Days 2-8

The wholesale supplier (referred to as supplier in the rest of this article) will process the order and confirm acceptance.  If the order is cancelled by the customer during this time a small fee applies (typically around £100).


Days 8-20

Known as the surveying and planning period. During this phase the supplier will initially attempt a 'desk top survey' to ascertain whether a physical site survey is required or not.  In scenarios where no further survey is required, the order should progress to the next stage more swiftly.  However, in most scenarios there will be the need for a site visit by a skilled surveyor. Once the survey is complete we will be advised of any Excess Construction Charges (ECCs).  At the time of writing, Excess Construction Charges of up to £2,900 will be borne by the supplier, so the customer will not be liable for these.

If chargeable ECCs apply (i.e. in excess of £2,900), the customer may cancel the order at this point without charge.  However, if chargeable ECCs do not apply, but the customer still wishes to cancel the order then a far higher fee will be incurred, typically £700 to £1,000.

Days 20-32

The supplier will review all tasks associated with the provisioning of the circuit, and plan the job in more detail.  At the end of this period the supplier will issue the Contractual Delivery Date.  This is the date by which all parties will aim to provision the circuit, although it could change subject to unforeseen issues.

If the customer cancels the order during this period the fee will typically be between £700 and £1,000.

Days 32-63

Works proceed for the installation of the circuit.  Some of the work will be carried out at the customer's premises, and access for engineers will need to be allowed.  Please note that Asbestos Registers may be required.  At the end of this period the installation should be complete.

Cancellation of the order during this period will result in a charge of 100% of the connection fee for the circuit. In the circumstances where a 36 month agreement has been signed, which includes free installation, the cancellation fee will be the standard charge without any term incentives.


Days 63-70

Installation of the circuit will have been completed by this stage and the circuit is ready for use. However, a 10 day period of testing and configuration is required before the circuit is officially handed over to the customer. Cancellation at this point will incur 100% of all rentals due for the term of the contract.

Day 70+

The circuit is officially handed over to the customer along with a handover document, detailing all IP address and configuration information.  Full documentation for the circuit will be supplied at this time.


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