Akixi Report Configuration Options

This article is designed to give some more detail about the options available to you when configuring Akixi reports.  The options are generally the same regardless of the report being configured.

To modify a report, first select it from the panel on the left of the screen, and then click the Modify icon (pencil and paper image) at the top of the screen.  This will open a 'Change Report' window. 

Bear in mind that there is a 'Help' button in the bottom right of this window.  Clicking this will bring up an extensive help section relevant to the page you are looking at.  Also, remember to always click 'OK' after making a change in order to save it.

Looking at the tabs across the top of this window in sequence:



This page allows you to decide the style of the report and also give it a unique name.  Other options allow you to select a data range and whether the report shows data in real time or not.



You will not normally be able to change the 'Scope Filtering' section on this page.

Locational Filtering allows you to select devices, phone numbers, agents etc for inclusion in the report.  Miscellaneous Filtering is for filtering by other categories.



This allows you to include or exclude types of calls (diverted, transferred, forwarded etc) in the report, and also set duration filtering.  Duration Filtering applies to historic reports only.


This is probably the most useful section.  The box on the left shows the fields currently selected for inclusion in the report.  To remove one first highlight it and then click 'Remove'.  To add a field click 'Add' and then tick the required one(s) from the list.  Use the 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons to re-order the sequence in which the fields are displayed on the report.

With a field highlighted you can choose how it is displayed on a wallboard in the 'Display Settings' section.

Statistic Alarm' allows you to set an alarm if a particular criterion is met.



This tab allows you to set additional alarms and sounds.



Scheduling enables the report to be generated at a pre-determined frequency, and then allows you to decide other criteria depending on what is selected.



There is only one setting here, which determines whether the report is included in transitioning, and for how long.  Transitioning is the process whereby each report is displayed in turn on your computer or other screen.  Transitioning can be toggled on and off on the main report viewing page.


ACD Codes

This section is used to create the codes used to explain why an agent is not available to make or receive a call.



Some users may wish to calculate the value of inbound and outbound calls to the business (one of the methods of calculating this is shown in the Help section).  Having done that it is possible to show the potential value of lost, missed or waiting calls on a given report.



This page allows you to set the criteria for calculating service level statistics that are shown on the wallboard, together with some other statistic calculations.



Shows the options available if you wish to print the report in question.



Contains various settings which most users won't need to access.  We suggest using the Help screen if you require more information on these settings.





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