How to change an Auto Attendant Greeting in Horizon

1) Access your Company Voice Message system by pressing the Envelope button on your phone or dialling 500.

* If you are not using a Horizon handset you will need to dial the external Voice Portal number. This can be found by logging into the Admin Portal and hovering over 'Administration' tab and selecting 'Voice Portal'.


2) At the prompt, DO NOT enter a passcode. Pause, wait for the announcement to finish and then key *500#


3) Enter the Voice Portal passcode and press #.

This should NOT be confused with your user extension voicemail passcode, and will have been given to the portal administrator separately.

* If you do not know your Voice Portal passcode, you can reset it in the Admin Panel. This can be done by logging into the Admin Portal and hovering over 'Administration' tab and selecting 'Voice Portal'. Then enter your new pass code in the boxes under the heading 'Portal Passcode"


4) Select option 1 (Change Auto Attendant Greeting)


5) Enter the extension number of the Auto Attendant. Usually 700, 701, 702 etc.


6) Press 1 if you want to record the business hours greeting and follow the prompts, or press 2 if you want to record the out of hours greeting.

* Out of hours greeting ONLY applies if there is a Schedule associated with the Auto Attendant itself, which is rare. Most Schedules are at Hunt Group level. If you are in any doubt as to which greeting you should be changing please call us to discuss.

7) Save the recording

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