How to edit Speed Dial numbers and Line Monitoring on a IP phone sidecar expansion module

This feature allows you to configure appropriate phones and / or attendant consoles (sometimes known as side cars or expansion modules) within the company for line monitoring.

You can also configure external contact numbers for speed dial – you will not be able to monitor their call status, but will be able to ring them with a single button press.

Please note that you must be logged in as an 'administrator' to perform this task.

  • Once you are successfully logged in, please select: Company – Features – Line Monitoring

  • Select the phone number of the handset you wish configure from the drop down box.
  • Then select the sidecar/expansion module from the drop down box underneath phone number and then select how you want the names and numbers displayed, from the drop down list.
  • Chose the company phones you wish to monitor from the box underneath and use the arrow icon to to move them into the 'chosen phones box'.  Alternatively you can type in a phone number for a speed dial.

**Don’t forget to click 'SAVE' to register your changes**



  • Changing line monitoring settings will cause your phone to reboot.
  • You can select whether to display the number or name from the display options box.
  • If the speed dial number you enter is already in the company address book then the system will display the name that is associated with that number
  • See screen shot below for a more detailed explanation of how to configure these settings.


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