How To Set up an Address Book

This feature allows you to store up to 1,000 frequently used numbers, and to associate a short code to speed up dialling.  Contacts can be imported from Microsoft Outlook via a comma-separated-values file (CSV).

Note that there is a Company wide Address Book that can only be set up and maintained by the Administrator for your account.

To view the Address Book select: Account - Address Book.

The table can be ordered by Last Name, First Name or Business Name. You may then select the start letter of the relevant name and go straight to that part of the address book. If you have more contacts than will display on a single page, you can view other pages by using the buttons at the bottom right of the contact list. 

The short code is displayed in ( ) after the complete number. Just pick up your phone and dial the short code to be connected.

Each entry starts with a check box that should be selected as appropriate before editing or deleting a particular record.

To Add an Entry

Click the  icon to add a new address. This will be followed by the following data entry form:

Enter all relevant details and click Save.  If you wish to add a short code it is recommended that you start these codes with '2', so as to avoid conflicts with Company short codes.

To Edit an Entry

Check the box against the entry you wish to edit and click the  icon.  Make the required changes and click Save.

To Delete an Entry

Check the box against the entry you wish to delete and click the  icon. 

To delete all entries click the  icon.

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