How to Create a ‘Calls Received/Made/Missed’ Report

How to create a ‘Calls Received/Made/Missed’ report for an individual phone number
1. Go to > The Nimbus Portal (

Please note that if you log in as a 'user' then you can only view history for numbers that are allocated to your user account. If you wish to view call history for the company as a whole then you must be logged in as an 'administrator'.

2. Select > Company Tab, hover over Calls History and click on that option.

3. Go to > Type of calls:

4. Select > Type of call you want to report on from the drop down box

5. Go to > From and select the date from the drop down boxes (Please note you can only go back 3 months)

6. Go to > To and select the date from the drop down boxes

7. Go to > Calling phone:

8. Select > Any or Phone and type the number that you want to show as making the call. i.e. the 'Caller'.

9. Go to > Called phone:

10. Select > Any or Phone and type the phone number that you wish to report on (this is only for Received or Missed calls)

Do not put any spaces in the numbers

11. Select > The magnifying glass symbol on the right hand side to run the report.

12. Go to > The icons at the bottom left of the displayed report

13. Select > CSV or XML or PDF format as required and click Save.

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